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QuestZones introduces solution to reduce in store queuing time at Carraig Donn

Dublin, 21 March 2011: QuestZones, leading provider of managed broadband POS solutions for retail and hospitality industries, announces the successful launch of its fully bundled, managed resilient broadband POS solution in all Carraig Donn retail stores in Ireland.

The family owned and operated Irish company offers relevant, high end fashion, jewellery and contemporary giftware selling on styling and price. The stores merchandise assortment coupled with a high level of customer service creates a unique and upscale shopping ambience. The QuestZones IP Transact Gold solution was implemented in Carraig Donn headquarters and the Westport store initially and then extended to all branches in just over two weeks.

A spokesperson for Carraig Donn confirmed “QuestZones’ fully managed broadband POS solution is completely robust. The POS connection is constantly live and extremely fast, thus ensuring that queues are significantly reduced at point of sale. It now takes the same amount of time to pay by debit or credit card as it does with cash.” 

This means that there has been a significant reduction in queues at peak trading times as card transactions now conclude in less than 10 seconds versus previous dial up connections of up to 45 seconds. Carraig Donn also has the peace of mind that goes with knowing that the POS connection is robust, and this is particularly important in the run up to Christmas.

“Over the last 45 years Carraig Donn has dedicated itself to excellence, innovation and service,” said John O’Farrell, CEO of QuestZones. “Carraig Donn has been recognised for this effort with a nomination for Store of the Year in the Retail Excellence Awards 2010 for its store at MacDonagh Junction Shopping Centre in Kilkenny.”

QuestZones’ Gold solution was implemented. QuestZones has wholesale arrangements with a number of telecommunications and broadband providers throughout Ireland and the UK. For Carraig Donn, QuestZones partnered with Eircom and O2 to deliver private resilient broadband services.

The POS system uses an integrated chip and pin solution from Integral, also a QuestZones partner. These broadband POS systems are improved by the direct interconnect QuestZones has with Integral in that transactions reach Integral very quickly and are therefore more secure than using the public Internet.

About QuestZones

QuestZones, based in Dublin, provides solutions which enable processing of debit and credit card payments in less than 10 seconds. QuestZones provides managed, resilient broadband POS connections to the retail and hospitality industries. Customers include Spar, Esso, LIDL, Aldo Shoes, McDonalds, Four Star Pizza, FXB Restaurants, Jackson Court Hotel, Carraig Donn, Applegreen and The Exchequer Bar. www.questzones.eu

About Carraig Donn

Carraig Donn, based in Westport, Co Mayo, is an Irish family owned and operated retail business. Carraig Donn has 21 stores nationwide on High Street and premier shopping centre locations, each shopping emporium location showcases the best of Irish and international designer fashion, lifestyle giftware, accessories and jewellery. www.carraigdonn.com


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